The story of CPUAAGTA started in 1978 when Dr. Ravelo Argamaso, a centralian from New York, came to Toronto to meet with centralians residing in this city. During that visit, Dr. Argamaso inspired and encouraged Rick Falco and Rev. Godfrey Catanus to organize an alumni chapter. Rick Falco called for a meeting of centralians in Greater Toronto Area at the basement of the then Salvation Army Citadel — now the home of the First Filipino Baptist Church. As an outcome of that meeting the CPUAAGTA was born and Rick Falco was elected as the founding president of the chapter. The following year (1979) Rev. Godfrey Catanus was elected as the second president of the organization.

Then came Mr. Reuel Nuñez, former Treasurer of the University — and the CPUAA GTA’s “The Link” was established and made going for several years. In 1980, a picnic at the park in honor of the delegates from the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches (CPBC) who attended the World Baptist Conference was hosted by the Toronto centralians. Mrs. lndependencia Q. Drilon who was the chapter adviser since its foundation, welcomed the presence of buddy Dr. Eliza U. Griño who came to join her daughter Mary Ann. Mrs. Drilon and Dr. Griño worked together as chapter advisers had helped the organization in so many ways.

Now and then, Toronto is graced by the presence of outstanding centralians like the late Moley Familiaran, Dr. Joseph T. Howard (early 60’s president of CPU) and his wife Irma Lee, Dr. Agustin Pulido, Aurora Alerta Lim. In 2003, Dr. Juanito Acanto, CPU president then, came to attend the 35th CPUAA Global Grand Reunion.

Through the years, more and more centralians are being scattered all over the world, realizing their dreams, and making an impact in their chosen professions. Today we are witnessing the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ to Central Philippine University Alumni Association in Greater Toronto Area. Let the Central Spirit guide us on in the years to come.

To God be the glory!