The early beginnings of Central Philippine University can be traced back to the awakening of the Protestant churches in America to reach out to other nations. To share the Gospel carrying within it the command of our Lord Jesus Christ to share His message to all nations": Mark 16:15

Central Philippine University was founded in October 1, 1905 by William O. Valentine, as Jaro Industrial School - an elementary vocational school for boys teaching each one that "labor is honor." It also served as a Bible School to train Christian pastors and workers under the auspices of American Baptist Foreign Mission (now known as the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia). It became Central Philippine College in 1923 and a University in 1953.

Central Philippine University experienced so many upheavals through the years - from its humble beginnings up to her gallant response to the diverse patriotic needs and call for service during World War II which clearly depicted love of God and the Philippines, even at the cost of losing properties and precious lives. All these ravages cannot dampen the Central Spirit desire to rebuild and move forward. Moved by the Central Spirit's triumph over any turmoil, Lt. Rex Drilon, a pre-war faculty member who bacame the first Filipino President of the University, said in his own passionate words: "Out of the ashes and ruins of war shall raise a greater Central".

Through the years, many Centralians are scattered all over the world realizing their dreams and making an impact in their chosen profession The Lord has been gracious and faithful to Central Philippine University.

Thirty-five years ago, Dr. Ravelo Argamaso, a centralian from New York, came to Toronto to meet with fellow Centralians residing in this city. He inspired and encouraged Rev. Godfrey Catanus and Rick Falco to organize Centralians in Toronto. Rick Falco called for an organizational meeting of Centralians in Greater Toronto Area at the basement of the then Salvation Army Citadel - now the First Filipino Baptist Church. Because of his passion and commitment, Rick Falco became the founding president of the newly formed alumni association Central Philippine University Alumni Association of Greater Toronto Area.

In 1979, Rev. Godfrey Catanus was elected President. Together with Ruel Nunez, they produced "The Link", the official newsletter of CPUAA of GTA. He was also instrumental in making the church facilities available to CPUAA for socialization, fellowship and worship. In 1980, Toronto Centralians hosted a picnic in the park in honor of the delegates from the convention of Philippine Baptist Churches who were here in Toronto for the World Baptist Conference. Mrs. Indepencia Q. Drilon was the chapter adviser of CPUAA since its foundation, and welcomed the presence of her buddy Eliza Uy Grino who came to join her daughter Mary Ann. Mrs Drilon and Mrs Grino as chapter advisers had helped the organization in so many ways.

Now and then, Toronto Centralians were inspired by the presence of oustanding Centralians like the late Rev. Moley Familiaran, Dr Joseph T. Howard (CPU President '61- '65) and his wife, Irma Lee, Dr Agustin Pulido (CPU President '71-96), Auring Alerta Lim and Dr Juanito Acanto (CPU President 1996-2008), who came to Toronto to attend the third Global Grand Reunion of Centralians all over the World.

An Alumni Chapter is Born

- CPU Alumni Association of Greater Toronto Area